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Car Detailing Chandler- Auto Detailing FAQ's

View below a list of our most frequently asked questions by costumers just like you!

General Car Detailing Questions

Q: Why is car detailing so expensive?

A: Believe it or not if you never had a professional detail done before it takes about 6-8 hours on average to detail your vehicles interior and exterior. At Shining Mobile Detailing we dissect your vehicles interior by removing pet hair, stains. We remove dirt & gunk that is stuck in the cracks & crevices which often involves steam cleaning. As for your vehicles exterior we spend on average 3-4 hours on the exterior to make sure your vehicles exterior is shining. If you're looking for a quick detail. Check out our fast & furious detail!

Q: What is car detailing?


Car Detailing consist of restoring your vehicle to a like-new condition. There is an interior car detail and exterior car detail. Interior car detail may includes -Vaccume -Steam Cleaning -Wipe down -Door pannels cleaned -UV Interior protectionn -Shampoo and condition car seats Exterior Car Detail may include -Foam Wash -Hand Wash -Windows -Insect & bug removal -Tires and Rims -Wax/Sealant -Clay Bar Treatment -Polishing Shining Mobile Detailing we offer 3 diffrent levels for interior and exterior. Depending on what your budget, and goal is for your vehicle there is a package for you.

Q: How much does car detailing cost?


Car detiling prices will range depending on where you're located, the size of your vehicle and the current condition it's in and what your goal is. At Shining Mobile Detailing an interior detail will range from 80$-300$ Exterior detail will range from 110$-280$

Q: How often should you get your car detailed?


We recommend to have your vehicle detailed at least twice a year to keep it in it's best possible condition. We do offer maintence packages at a huge discounted price that can be purchased after your first detail with us. After the first detail, if within 3 weeks you would like maintence. Price is only 70$.00 for interior & exterior. or within 2 months, it's 140.00$

Q: How to choose the right car detailing package
for me?


We offer 3 levels of interior and 3 levels of exterior. and additonal 2 packages that are a combination of an interior & exterior detail. Full car detail special & Fast and Furious detail (Perfect for those looking for a very quick detail) When choosing a package take into consideration your vehicles current condition and what your goal is.

Q: Where are you located?


We're located in Chandler Arizona but we're a mobile car detailing company servicing all of the Phoenix Metro area Cities Included -Phoenix Arizona -Tempe Arizona -Scottsdale Arizona -Gilbert Arizona -Mesa Arizona

Do you detail at my job or apartment?


In most cases we prefer a home or you can bring your vehicle to us! But I will send out an independent contracted company who has the equipment needed to perform the job at your apartment or job.

Q: Do you accept credit/debit cards?


Yes but we charge a fee for using card.

Is there a mobile fee?


No Mobile fee!

Full Interior Cleaning FAQ's

Q: Can you completely remove all pet hair?


Q: I have leather seats..Do you clean and protect them?


Yes! We will shampoo, condition and protect your leather seats to prevent further wrinkles and tearing. Prolonging your leather seats shine and durability.

We tell our costumers 95% of the pet hair will be removed, but unfortunatly due to the nature of how tiny pet hairs are, there is always the posibility that they will fly around the car and land back on your vehicles interior. Or sometimes we'll see the pet hair is so deeply penetrated into the carpet fibers that it will ruin the carpet if we attempt to remove it.

Q: Are you able to remove every stain?

We tell our costumers 95% of the stains will be completely gone, and the 5% stubborn stains will be significantly better.

Q: How can I protect my vehicles interior 
from the Arizona sun?


At Shining Mobile Detailing we always add our UV protection spray to protect all plastics from fading. (Only on Level 2 and Level 3 interior detail)

Q: How long does it take to clean my vehicles interior?

It depends on the current condition of your vehicle and what your goals are, but typically it will take bewteen 2.5-.5 hours depending on the level you choose.

How long does it take for seats to dry
after they're shampooed

If it's warm outside we usually start with the seats first and as we do the rest of the car detail the seats will dry in the process, if not we always recommend to crack open a window and let the seats air dry for about 6 hours.

Q: Can you remove strong odors like
nicotine, mold/mildew ect?

Yes we can, we do require you to purchase a full interior detail service in additon to odor removal. Removing odor is a holistic approach. We will detail your vehicles interior and then run an ozone machiene to ensure we kill anything left.

Q: Do you offer steam cleaning?

Yes, we steam clean your vehicles interior in our level 2 and 3. Steam cleaning will heat up to 190 degrees killing any bacteria and will help loosen and bring up any grime and dirt to the surface. Also, helps with removing light stains.

Q: Do you use hot water extractor? 

Yes, we use a hot water extractor on your level 2 and 3 interior. We will shampoo and use multitple steps followed by hot water extraction that will suck up all dirt, grime and gunk.

Wash and Wax FAQ's

Q: Will this remove scratches
from my paint?

Q: How long does the wax last?

No, but it will fill in micro scratches and essentially hide them leaving a gloss finish. For removal of scratches and swirl marks see our level 3 exterior package.

4-6 months of course depending on how well you take care of your vehicles exterior after we wax it. We do offer maintence packages with a huge discount!

Q: Do you offer clay bar treatment?

Yes! We offer clay bar treatment on any of our level 1-3 detail. Clay bar helps prep the paint by smoothing it out for the wax or sealant to be applied.

Q: Can you remove water spots?

Yes but it can depend on how bad they are and how long they've been sitting on your vehicles exterior. For the best results, purchase our level 3 exterior.

Engine Bay Cleaning

Q: Is water going to damage my engine?

Q:Do you shine the engine?

It's possible but highly unlikely with how careful our detailing technicians are. We won't drench your engine with water, we use just enough to remove the cleaning products being used and we ensure to cover important parts of your engine.

Yes once we use a clay treatment, we will use water based products to shine your entire engine bay.

Q: Is it a good idea to get my engine clean?

Q: How long does this service take?

Absolutely, there are several benefits to a clean engine bay. It restores value back to your vehicle. It allows mechanics to spot leaks and change your oil better!

Engine bay detailing typically takes 45min. We recommend to partner this up with one of the exterior packages.

Q: What areas do you service?

We service Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale and Paraside Valley Arizona

Restorative Car Detail FAQ's

Q: Are you able to remove every stain?

We tell our costumers 95% of the stains will be completely gone, and the 5% stubborn stains will be significantly better.

Q: My car interior is really bad, can you handle it?

Shining Mobile Detailing has done over 100 car cleaning interiors, our techs have over 5 years of experience. We're confident that we can get your interior to the best condition possible.

Q:Will the odor in my car be removed?

It depends what the odor is. Odors similar to cigarette smoke, mold/ midlew can be typically removed with an o-zone treatment.

Paint Correction Questions

Q:What is paint correction?

The best way to describe paint correction is a swirling/ cob web like surface scratches on your vehicles paint that look dull and faded. This typically happens from car washes. To remove the swirl marks, we use certain pads and chemicals to cut into your clear coat and plish them out to remove the paint defects in the clear coat.

Q: Will paint correction take care of all surface scratches on the clear coat?

We always let our costumers know, 95% of the paint will be restored.

Q: How long does the paint correction 

Typically it's a minimum of 7-10 hour day. Depending on the vehicle, it's usually followed by a clay bar treatment and a 12 month protection seleant.

Q: If I have a deeper scratch on my vehicle, can you get rid of those?

It depends on how deep the scratch is. If you can see the metal of the paint we would not be able to remove the scratch. If you cannot see the metal we may be able to sand it down.

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