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Level 2: Full Car Interior Detail Chandler Az

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Level 2 (Most popular)

Our most popular! Recommended for vehicles who need removal of small-medium sized stains, crumbs in cracks & crevices, light dirt, light pet hair, this detail takes about 3-4 hours

Our level 2 full car interior detail is perfect for those who need removal of light stains, crumbs in cracks & crevices and removal of light dirt & debris that takes more work than just a simple wipe down


Included in this detail:

  • Interior Professional Vacuum 

  • Interior wipe down of  all surface and plastics wipe down & agitation/Shampooed (this brings oils & dirt to the surface for removal)

  • light Pet hair removed if any

  • light Stains removed if any

  • Interior 2- stage shampoo

  • hot water extraction one pass 

  • Interior steam clean shampoo 

  • Interior windows cleaned 

  • Door jams cleaned

  • UV Protection(Protect your vehicles interior from the sun and fading while adding natural shine


Pricing Made Simple

Small Vehicle 

(2 door vehicle) Add any Exterior package for 100$

Medium Vehicle

(Sedan/SUV) Add any exterior package for extra 100$

Large Vehicle

(3 row SUV/Van/Truck) Add any exterior package for 100$

*Prices & Estimated time depend on current condition & size of vehicle.

Stress-Free Experience With Shining Mobile Detailing

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Restorative Interior Detail

Odor Eliminator

Odor Eliminator

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you completely remove all pet hair?

We tell our costumers 95% of the pet hair will be removed, but unfortunately due to the nature of how tiny pet hairs are, there is always the possibility that they will fly around the car and land back on your vehicles interior. Or sometimes we'll see the pet hair is so deeply penetrated into the carpet fibers that it will ruin the carpet if we attempt to remove it. 

Are you able to remove every stain?

We tell our costumers 95% of the stains will be completely gone, and the 5% stubborn stains will be significantly better. 

Do you offer steam cleaning?

Yes, we steam clean your vehicles interior in our level 2 and 3. Steam cleaning will heat up to 190 degrees killing any bacteria and will help loosen and bring up any grime and dirt to the surface. Also, helps with removing light stains. 

Do you use a hot water extractor?

Yes, we use a hot water extractor on for our level 2 and 3 interior detail. We will shampoo your vehicles interior and use multiple steps followed by hot water extraction that will suck up all dirt, grime and gunk. 

I have leather seats, do you clean and protect them?

Yes! We will shampoo, condition and protect your leather seats to prevent further wrinkles and tearing. Prolonging your leather seats shine and durability. 

How long does it take for car seats to dry after they've been shampooed?

If it's warm outside we usually start with the seats first and as we do the rest of the car detail the seats will dry in the process, if not we always recommend to crack open a window and let the seats air dry for about 6 hours. 

Can you remove strong odors such as nicotine, mold/mildew ect?

Yes we can, we do require you to purchase a full interior detail service in addition to odor removal. Removing odor is a holistic approach. We will detail your vehicles interior and then run an ozone machine to ensure we kill anything left. 

How long does it take to clean my vehicles interior?

It depends on the current condition of your vehicle and what your goals are, but typically it will take between 2.5-.5 hours depending on the level you choose. 

How can I protect my vehicles interior from the Arizona sun?

At Shining Mobile Detailing we always add our UV protection spray to protect all plastics from fading. 
(Only on Level 2 and Level 3 interior detail)

What areas do you service? 

We service the Phoenix Metro area. Cities included,

Mobile Car Detailing Chandler 

Mobile Car Detailing Tempe

Mobile Car Detailing Gilbert

Mobile Car Detailing Mesa

Mobile Car Detailing Phoenix

Mobile Car Detailing Scottsdale 

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