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We are who we are! Shining Mobile Detailing automobile enthusiasts who work hard every day to ensure the objects we love to look their best and shine brightly. We do not equate ourselves to others or compete with anyone. We are aware of who we are and what we strive for. We are committed to ensuring that our family of car enthusiast and their prized possessions shine brightly. 


at our heart, we are a lifestyle of doers, makers, and thinkers. We are nothing more than a service provider that puts innovations and ideas into action. 


At Shining Mobile Auto Detailing, we don't just have clients, we have car lovers & enthusiasts that we strive to assist, helping them accomplish their goal of a unrivaled shine, sparkle and gloss for their vehicle. 


Shining Mobile Detailing is driven by it's passion to provide the most sophisticated car detailing services for it's clients across Arizona, we never stop improving, testing our products & skill. 


When you are as enthusiastic about shine and sparkle as we are, you'll want to spread the word. That is why we like sharing all parts of the car detailing lifestyle on various social media platforms. We enjoy hearing from you, so please tag us, contact us for a brief conversation... We appriciate hearing from you!

Shining Mobile Detailing is more than just vehicle detailing service provider. Founded by Anthony Ruiz, We are a lifestyle choice. We empower those who wish to chase their dreams of a fulfilling career and financial freedom. We started with one simple belief of delivering high-quality vehicle detailing services right here in Arizona. With time we have evolved into so much more: a library of vehicle detailing knowledge, and a team of professionals united by a single cause, a passion-- the love for cars!

What motivates us is a desire to shine. 

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