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Level 3: Deluxe exterior detail Chandler Az

Level 3
Gold Detail exterior with one step polish (view prices below)
Get up to 100$ off when combined with interior detail.

Mercedes Exterior.jpg

Level 3 Gold Detail is for vehicles that want to make their paint really pop. Adding Extreme shine and gloss. If you have minor paint defects such as light fading, light swirl marks or light surface scratches and you're looking for a a superior finish this is the package for you. Included is a polish that removes 55-65% of swirl marks, scratches while adding extreme shine/gloss. Recommend for people who really take great pride in their vehicle, best bang for your buck before going into full paint correction. (ask us about paint correction if interested)

Included in this exterior car detail:

  • Advanced hand wash 

  • pre wash (emblems cleaned by special tool, wheel wells cleaned, cracks and crevices cleaned)

  • Foam wash

  • Black Trim cleaned and agitated

  • Insects/bugs & tar removal

  • Synthetic Clay Bar Treatment (removes contaminants that bond to your paint that a car wash wont take off and makes your car smooth to the touch)

  • Iron Removal (removes oils and minerals)

  • Air dry all nooks and crannies

  • Hand dry with advanced professional towels

  • All windows cleaned, protected and waxed

  • Rims cleaned and protected

  • Tirescleaned 

  • One-step machine polish(removal of 55-65% of light scratches, paint defects, swirls, cob webbs) Adding superior gloss and shine bring back that trust luster

  • Door jams cleaned and waxed

  • Plastic Trim Waxed

  • Durable 12 month sealant protection 

  • Spray Wax

  • Final Touch Up

      Takes about 3.5-4.5 hours

PRICE-400$ combine with interior and get discount. Message me for details.

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