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 5 Benefits of Waxing Your Car

By Shining Mobile Detailing                         March 30, 2022

Car Waxing

At Shining Mobile Detailing, we want to protect your vehicles paint,

But do you?

Do You Want To Protect Your Vehicles Paint?

What does a wax do for my cars paint?

A wax ensures your vehicles clear coat is protected from Arizona's environmental damage & contaminants . What is a vehicles clear coat? A vehicles clear coat is the vehicles transparent layer above the paint that provides gloss and protects your cars paint from the environment. Now let's take a look at 5 reasons why you should consistently apply a wax to your cars paint. 

1. Provides protection from UV Rays

Redcar_damaged paint.jpg

Did you know it takes about minimum of 5 years to see sun damage to your cars paint? That means in 5 years, your cars vibrant glossy paint will no longer turn heads at the grocery stores parking lot. By applying a car wax to your paint, it will preserve the cars paint to keep that vibrant color. Car wax provides UV protection. Think of car wax like sunscreen for your car!

2. Increases Resale Value 

How well you maintain your vehicle now can effect  your resale value in the future. If you plan to sell or trade in your car every couple of years, keep in mind a vehicles color and paint is the primary consideration after shoppers have chosen their make and model. Start applying a car  wax today to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money!

3. Protects against scratches & swirl marks

Black Car_Swirl Marks.jpg

Does car wax protect against scratches?

Yes! a car wax is a combination of beeswax, oils & carnauba wax that is applied to the vehicles clear coat creating a protective barrier. When we drive our vehicle is exposed to hurtful exposures. The wax protective barrier is there to prevent dirt & grime from sticking on to your cars paint, resulting in less trips to the car wash which decreases your chances of swirl markers & scratches. 

4. Keep Your Car Looking Shiny

How do you protect your cars paint? By waxing your car regularly, you’ll be able to protect the paint & keep the shine! [related articles: How often to wax a car ]

5. Saves You Money

By consistently waxing your car we are pro longing your vehicles paint. Did you know it costs up to 4,500$ to repaint your car? With Chandler Arizona's desert sun you'll need a repaint sooner than you think. Check out our car wash & wax service to protect your cars paint & your wallet!

Do You Want To Protect Your Vehicles Paint?

At Shining Mobile Detailing, we want to protect your vehicles paint,

But do you?

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